Give your team the right skill set to get the most from ESdat


Training increases job satisfaction, motivation & morale, resulting in greater staff retention.

ESdat is easy to learn using the free training materials available in the ESdat Support Portal.  

Bespoke training, customised to reflect your own data and workflows gets your staff up to speed even faster, covering all key aspects of the software, answering your questions, and providing a solid foundation for further learning.

Engagement of your staff is critical to a successful implementation of any software, including ESdat.

We speak your language

Each EScIS trainer has hands-on environmental field and office work experience prior to joining EScIS. Our friendly team of experienced trainers offer bringing a unique blend of experience and skills to give your team a flying start. Training can be delivered online or on-site.

Flexible Content

EScIS can provide custom training content to match the specific requirements of your organisation.

Great training gets even better when we use your data – ask us about incorporating your actual project data into the training.


Our ‘standard’ training packages comprise proven content developed over many years to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Introductory training gets your staff quickly up to speed, covering all key aspects of the software and providing a solid foundation for further exploration or training. This can be followed by targeted content specific to your specific needs.

For organisations that rely on environmental data, ESdat remains the number one choice


EScIS Implementation Planning

The Implementation Plan compiles and documents essential elements of the change management formula, including:


Confirming the business & technical objectives


Identifying key stakeholders interacting with data workflows


Defining success indicators


Identifying key stakeholders interacting with data workflows


Organisational/operational change management actions​


Designing and implementing​


Stakeholder engagement & feedback​


Risks & appropriate mitigation​

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