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We bring together deep knowledge, clever design, and constant innovation to help scientists and engineers manage their environmental data.

ESdat, our all-in-one environmental data management software, is a powerful asset for organizations whose success relies on the quality, integrity, and easy accessibility of their data.

For organisations that rely on environmental data,
ESdat remains the number one choice

For organisations that rely on environmental data,
ESdat remains the number one choice

About us

ESdat: Fast. Intuitive. Accurate. A better way to manage all your environmental data needs.

ESdat is powerful, versatile, and innovative and it’s been an industry-leading environmental data management solution for more than 18 years. Our clients and partners rely on ESdat to analyze and report every aspect of their environmental data.

Easy to use

ESdat is intuitive and user-friendly. Training can be kept at a minimum and you'll never need a specialized team to use or manage the software!

Fully compliant

ESdat comes with pre-populated libraries of up-to-date regulatory guidelines.

Time (and money) saving

ESdat imports data automatically making your data transfer process much faster and much more accurate. Forget about paper field notes and manual data entry!

Automated import from major labs

Your laboratory reports are automatically uploaded into ESdat. All setup and integration with the laboratory for data transfer is managed by our support team.

Get standardized, real-time data analysis, reporting, and compliance with ESdat

Implementation Planning and Change Management

Transforming businesses to be more productive, increase staff engagement, build capacity, and reduce the risk associated with organizational change.



Experienced trainers cover key aspects of the ESdat software and provide custom training content to match the specific requirements of any organization.



Expert advice and assistance from a team of local specialists. Benefit from a hands-on approach to tackling one-off, rare, or especially complex tasks.


Customization and Integration

Seamlessly merge ESdat into any business process. Choose customized reports, export and import, and bespoke software integration.



Our support services

Learn, grow, and get the most out of your data. Our clients and partners rely on ESdat to analyze and report every aspect of their data.

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Clients & offices

EScIS: We work all over the world

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Our partners and supported industries

Our values

Industry leaders in environmental data management

Our team of engineers, geoscientists, and developers has decades of experience in the environmental industry. We know your challenges and we’ve developed ESdat and our services around your unique and specific needs.

EScIS has offices and partners across the world to ensure timely support  and understanding and knowledge of local regulations. We have EScIS teams or partners in Oceania, North America, and Europe, who are ready to support you through your implementation, training, and deployment of ESdat.

We don’t stand still. Constant innovation sees us embracing new technologies and adapting to our customers’ needs and suggestions. That allows us to keep our solutions constantly up-to-date and relevant.

ESdat is an out-of-the-box solution for your environmental data needs, but when you need customization, we can address your unique requests! All of our solutions are fully bespoke and customizable. When we onboard a new partner, we take a deep dive into their business and we then collaborate with them to provide exactly what they need to save them money, time, and inefficient work. 

The data-sets our clients use are complex, but that doesn’t mean that managing them needs to be. Our solutions are designed to be practical and easy to apply, whether in the field, in the lab, or in the office. ESdat is an out-of-the-box solution that requires minimal training, no previous computer knowledge, and can be fully customized to individual needs. 

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