Implementation Planning & Change Management

When you need more guidance and oversight

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ESdat is user friendly, easy to implement and rollout throughout your organization to immediately see the savings in time, effort, and money.

For organizations that are looking for large, supervised or more complex deployments, EScIS offers a full implementation service. Our team can support your organization with strong planning and effective support so you can be confident in an efficient and reliable rollout that specifically addresses your needs and internal workflow.

By leveraging our experience and know-how, you can transform your business to be more productive, increase engagement with your staff, build capacity and minimize the risk associated with organizational change.

These are some of the questions our EScIS team addresses with you to ensure a smooth implementation of ESdat.

What’s your Vision? How will you measure success?

Is your team ‘on board’ and how do they benefit?

Does your team have the skills for success?

For organizations that rely on environmental data, ESdat remains the number one choice

EScIS Implementation Planning

Implementation Plans become ‘live’ documents that can then be updated as the implementation of ESdat evolves.
Implementation Plans can be developed for new and existing clients.

The Implementation Plan compiles and documents essential elements of the change management formula, including:


Confirming the business & technical objectives


Identifying key stakeholders 


Defining success indicators, timelines and potential blockages


Designing and implementing


Change management 




Supervised Go-Live


Review and Refine

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