Customisation & Integration

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Fully integrate ESdat with your own business processes.

ESdat boasts a broad range of off-the-shelf data capture, reporting and sharing options. To fully streamline integration with your full internal suite of business software and reporting needs you may require:

  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Data Imports & Exports
  • Bespoke Software Integration

All work can be fully and professionally integrated with ESdat to ensure robust, seamless operation and to give you ongoing confidence.

Careful consideration of these questions is critical to a successful implementation of any software, including ESdat.

What’s your Vision? How will you measure success?

Do you have the resources to support the change?

Is your team ‘on board’ and how do they benefit?

Does your team have the skills for success?

For organisations that rely on environmental data, ESdat remains the number one choice


EScIS Implementation Planning

The Implementation Plan compiles and documents essential elements of the change management formula, including:


Confirming the business & technical objectives


Identifying key stakeholders interacting with data workflows


Defining success indicators


Identifying key stakeholders interacting with data workflows


Organisational/operational change management actions​


Designing and implementing​


Stakeholder engagement & feedback​


Risks & appropriate mitigation​

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