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The EScIS team comprises qualified and experienced scientists and scientific software developers.

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At EScIS we are experts at helping organisations manage their environmental and hydro-geological data

Our team of scientists and software developers have experience working with environmental and geo-scientific data in contaminated site, mining, compliance, groundwater resources and consulting. Their expertise provides the foundation on which we build world-class environmental and hydrogeological data solutions.

We provide ESdat configurations that are preconfigured for the needs of specific industries and countries, or we can work with you to implement ESdat for your own business processes and ensure it is optimised for your business and staff needs.

Consulting, Mining, Government, Industrial and Energy firms in Australia, Canada, the USA, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South America, and SE Asia use our software and services.

EScIS is a trusted global leader providing leading edge software for field, laboratory, logger and associated environmental and hydrogeological data.

Our solutions are used by consulting, mining, government, industrial, energy and other firms in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, the United Kingdom, South America and SE Asia.

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