Queensland Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment adopts ESdat

Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) is very excited to announce a new client – the Queensland Office of Groundwater Impact Assessment (OGIA).

OGIA stores a range of data in various formats about groundwater resources. OGIA needs to effectively consolidate and analyze this data to prepare a cumulative assessment of impacts of Coal Seam Gas water extraction, and develop underground water impact reports.

OGIA sought proposals for a Data Management System to enable OGIA to receive, analyze and report data associated with Coal Seam Gas projects in Queensland. OGIA requirements for the Data Management System included:

  • integrated enterprise scalability
  • automated data receipt
  • automated data quality validation; and
  • high end analytical and interrogation tools

Following a successful evaluation and procurement process, EScIS was engaged by OGIA to provide ESdat as the project solution.

ESdat will provide OGIA with significant productivity benefits, streamlining data management operations and enabling OGIA to be more agile and efficient in responding to demands.

Tom Wilson, Senior Implementation Manager at EScIS, is excited about the opportunities arising from the project:

We are very pleased to be working with OGIA. OGIA, from our perspective, forms a critical hub, interacting with a range of stakeholders in the Queensland CSG market. Efficient and accurate sharing of data between stakeholders provides a critical foundation for defensible, scientifically-based decision making, especially in relation to CSG.