Mud Environmental – a boutique environmental consultancy using ESdat Online

Mud Environmental is a boutique environmental consulting business operating in Adelaide, South Australia. Adrian Webber is the Founder and Director and is also a Site Contamination Auditor.

Before ESdat Online and at previous workplaces, the Mud team had experienced common data management challenges, including time-consuming manual data entry, missed exceedances, bottlenecks, cut & paste errors and problems sharing data.

Mud Environmental embraces the values of innovation and using technology to support a flexible and family-based culture. This means the Mud team wanted the best available workflow and processes and needed these to work while staff work at a variety of locations (and often from home).

To support this Mud has adopted ESdat Online as their environmental data management system, together with other cloud-based packages for accounting and reporting.

Adopting ESdat Online has delivered the following benefits:

  • Intuitive, automated and user-friendly
  • Increased time to consider data
  • Automated QC checking, saving time
  • Reduced time on peer reviewing data

Feedback from Mud is that ESdat Online is “definitely the right tool” and “built for companies like ours.

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